This course has been very rewarding, as far as both my personal growth and my job is concerned. It has contributed to a an increased competence in life and I now have the knowledge, understanding and tools to meet and help others handle themselves and their lives.
Hanna Marklund, former football player for the Swedish national team
Goal oriented, inspiring and competence building education with knowledgeable and committed tutoring. Strongly recommended!
Maria Svedberg, DALHEM
I just want to say thank you for great tutoring, immediately referring back and quick feedback. I am especially grateful for all the praise and encouragement which helped me get even more motivated. I have really worked hard and enjoyed every assignment, I was curious and interested and that probably helped me succeed.
Sanela Rovcanin, Karlstad. Pharmacist Advisor
The literature has been good and although some of the textbooks were tricky, overall it was very satisfying. The assignments have been rewarding and were easily understood. Very interesting and rewarding. I have learnt a lot and the feedback from my tutor has been speedy and incredibly good. Entirely positive.
Marie Nilsson, Löddeköping. Nurse
I feel that I have learned a lot from the education, regarding both the profession and myself. Educating yourself is good, even if you are otherwise occupied since you manage your own time. It does require self-discipline since it is your responsibility to study and how long it will take to finish the assignment. What I did experience to be a little bit harder was getting an internship, but all in all I am very happy with my education.
Cindy Vitai, Hässleholm. Counsellor
Your setup, in which you receive a new assignment when you have completed the last one has fit me extraordinarily. As soon as I got an answer I felt that got motivated to start working on the next assignment. It turned in to a carrot for success and reminds me of the “clicking method” for dogs In this case it was the perfect method. The feedback has been well-reasoned and has been rewarding. I get a strong feeling of “not wanting it to end”. I guess it is the “clicking” thing. I want more “clicks.”
Yvonne Eklöf, Sundsvall. Project Manager, aiming for Counsellor.
For my tutor:

I am so very happy! Your thoughts on my assignment are great… I´m jubilant! It feels good and has done so all along. If you were close by I would give you a big hug.

The setup and focus of the education was exactly what I was looking for, wanted to work with and be more knowledgeable about. The setup also fits me perfectly as I have a fulltime job. I felt comfortable having your support, responses were quick so I knew immediately if I was on the right path or if there was something that needed a closer look. I longed for the next assignment. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, this was the most fun and exciting thing I have done in a long time. I´m so grateful, I have nothing but positive things to say!
Eva Rosander, Örebro. Administrator, Qi therapist and now a Counsellor.
For my tutor:

I have worked with people and I have a past that hasn´t always been easy so when I decided to pursue this course it felt right on time. I am very happy that I did, but I am even happier that I got to know you. This has been one of the best times of my life, and I feel a little bit sad when I am reminded that our work is done. You are a good person that possess all the qualities that most others don´t, warmth, empathy and the feeling of intimacy even though you are far removed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU again for everything, I will probably return to educate myself further but I demand to have you as a teacher.
Anneli Johansson, Staffanstorp.
The training to become a certified therapist with Humanistiskt Lärcentrum has been the best investment of time as well as money and energy that I have ever made. The tutoring has meant quick feedback, instant help and a lot of pedagogical pep talk. The literature has been relevant and useful, and the methodology has been updated and tangible.The accessibility of my tutor has been great, the interaction has been friendly, very personal and professional.

The possibility of installment plans and remote studying has enabled this entire education for me, since I have a fulltime job and also had an internship as a therapist.

When I, after completing the course, received a wonderful bouquet to congratulate me, it was clear to me – Humanistiskt Lärcentrum is something else. From one teacher to another: You passed with flying colors!
Anna-Malin Lundström, High School Teacher and now also a Therapist
I have studied with Humanistiskt Lärcentrum to become a Certified Relationship Therapist, and now I have completed the education. The setup is very well thought out! You are guided from beginning to end and the tutors almost feel present. What I mean when I say that the setup is well thought out is this: You begin with ransacking yourself, and since these are professions that focus on caregiving it is of the utmost importance that before you “go into someone else´s garden and muck about you have to muck about in your own”. There is a lot of room for reflection, mixed equally between theory and practice.

In my opinion this education has pin pointed the most important things: your relationship with yourself and your relationship with those around, how we affect and are affected- in that order. You feel very well taken care of by your tutor and the feedback on assignments is quick and constructive. The literature is very carefully chosen and covers a vast portion of the subject. Another positive thing is that emphasis is put on your own “cases” from real life. Because that is the reality; you can read however much you like but if you do not try it in practice the weight behind your newfound knowledge diminishes.

I think that Humanistiskt Lärcentrum has a fantastic balance between theory and practice. The training feels solid and thorough and that in particular was my first thought/concern/worry when I applied; will it be those things even though I would study remotely? However I was quickly reassured when I found out the true nature of the training. I have learnt a lot more regarding things I thought I already knew about myself and others – been tested and tried again and again with great and more than sufficient support by the tutor. I strongly recommend Humanistiskt Lärcentrum.
Anna Söderström, Stockholm. Special Needs Coach / Therapist / Relationship Therapist