Frequently asked questions

Are your courses the equivalent of the education provided by a university/college?
Our courses should not be confused or compared with the education provided by a university/college.
In terms of competence, what do you need to start taking one of your courses?
We believe that in our business, life experience can be just as valuable as education and therefore we have chosen not to use any form of competence as a requirement for acceptance to any of our courses.
Why do other tutors charge more than you?
It is impossible for us to say why other instructors charge more / take more time because we are not familiar with the setup of their courses. It may depend on the fact that we have no physical meetings and that we charge what we consider to be fair for distance studies.
Can you guarantee that I will find a job after finishing your education?
We cannot guarantee or promise that you will get a job after your education. It will however increase your competence and your possibilities to succeed in finding work. It will also give you the possibility to start your own business.
Is there a market for opening your own business?
They way society is developing is creating an increased stress level and “regular” people are to a further extent in need of therapeutic help which is now more accepted by contemporary society. Addiction and dependence of different kinds are also on the rise, families are having more issues than before and need increased support and therefore the need for counselling also increases. Most of those who take our courses do so with the intent of going into business for themselves.
Where can I find work?
There is a long list of jobs/workplaces where a therapist (Counselling, relationships, addiction or CBT) can offer important and relevant competence, including residential treatment facilities, other care and treatment institutions, healthcare, private employers, voluntary organizations and schools. You may also open your own practice and take on clients. If you should choose to go into business for yourself (as most of our students intend to do) we believe that there is a need to fill and clients to help.
How are the courses set up?
Our setup with two week periods is based on the fact that if you study at a “regular pace” and finish one assignment every two weeks you will have completed the education in ten months. If you, for example, need a month to finish one assignment all it means is that you will have to wait a little bit longer to receive your diploma. Likewise, if you turn in assignments at a rate of one per week that would mean you will be finished with your education earlier than the estimated ten months.

It is up to you when you turn in your assignments, and it can vary over time.

Every time you have finished an assignment it will be sent back to you with feedback and a new assignment. (If you were to turn in one assignment per month it would take you 20 months to finish the education and if you were to turn in one assignment per week it would take you 5 months).